0222230943KP1SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Patrick Joyce passed a measure out of committee today that would allow for an easier way to obtain a hunting, fishing, trapping and sportsmen license.

“We are working to provide a practical solution for avid hunters, anglers and trappers in the state,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “It’s a win-win for everyone — making it easier for people to enjoy these hobbies while supporting our state’s conservation efforts.”

House Bill 3677 would allow Illinois residents to obtain a three-year fishing, hunting, sportsmen’s combination or trapping license at three times the cost of an annual one.

Under current law, people have to renew their license for these activities every year. This legislation aims to make the process easier for individuals by allowing them to renew the licenses after three years.

“Many times, people forget to renew their licenses for these activities year after year,” said Joyce. “By switching to three-year license options, we will save people the hassle of renewing them every year while also helping generate more revenue at a time for the state’s conservation efforts.”

House Bill 3677 passed the Senate Agriculture Committee and now waits for further consideration before the full Senate.

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0216230604KP1SPRINGFIELD – In an effort to protect the beaver population and regulate the activities of nuisance wildlife operators, State Senator Patrick Joyce advanced a measure out of the Senate Agriculture Committee Thursday.

“Some people don’t realize that beavers provide benefits to humans, such as improved water quality and flood control,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “It’s important we protect these animals and trap them correctly without destroying their homes.”

House Bill 2461 would make it unlawful to destroy or disturb dams, lodges, burrows or feed beds of beavers while trapping them. Additionally, the bill requires that anyone who acts as a nuisance wildlife control operator for a fee must obtain a permit.

This legislation will help ensure that the beaver population can thrive and continue to provide important benefits to our environment, as well as ensuring that only qualified and responsible operators are performing correct trapping services.

“Wildlife operators provide an important service by removing unwanted animals from homes and other properties,” said Joyce. “This measure aims to help the beaver population, but also to make sure operators are engaging in ethical practices and only removing wildlife as necessary.”

House Bill 2461 passed the Senate Agriculture Committee and now heads to be heard before the full Senate.

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Road constructionKANKAKEE – State Senator Patrick Joyce joined the Illinois Department of Transportation in announcing funds from the Illinois Competitive Freight Program that will improve the movement of freight throughout the state, while creating jobs and economic opportunity, and enhancing safety and local quality of life. Amongst the projects is the reconstruction of the interchange at Interstate 57 and Illinois 17 in Kankakee.

“This has been a long time coming. State Representative Jackie Haas and I have been pushing to get this interchange rebuilt for quite some time,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “It’s great to finally see a plan in place to tackle this area. This is great for better freight mobility, but it’s also a win for Kankakee’s local economy.”

Every year, 1.6 billion tons valued at $2.5 trillion of freight flows in and out of the state, making Illinois one of the top three states for freight activity. Nearly $200 million in funds among 22 projects that are high traffic areas for freight mobility were announced last week, including the reconstruction of the interchange in Kankakee.

The interchange reconstruction project is estimated to cost around $95 million and will take 2-3 years for completion, with construction starting around 2027. Through the Illinois Competitive Freight program, this project will receive $40 million to assist with costs.

“This is truly a big deal. We’re opening up the door for more efficient freight transportation, while expanding economic growth in the area,” said Joyce. “It is a much needed upgrade and it’s going to have a lot of positive impact on our state.”

For more information about the Illinois Competitive Freight Program and to see a complete list of projects and awards, click here.

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nuclear scaled e1632297639787SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Patrick Joyce advocated for Senate Bill 76 last Thursday, which was an initiative from State Senator Sue Rezin (R-Morris) that enables the state to explore new clean energy options and create jobs in the nuclear industry.

“It’s our job to ensure Illinois remains a leader in clean energy production,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “By lifting the moratorium, we can explore new nuclear technology, support job creation and ensure that our state has more sustainable energy sources.”

Under current law, there is a nuclear moratorium in place that prohibits any construction of a new nuclear plant in Illinois and prohibits the Illinois Commerce Commission from issuing a certificate of public and convenience and necessity for a new nuclear facility. Senate Bill 76 would appeal the moratorium on new nuclear facilities in Illinois.

“My legislation is a bipartisan, pro-jobs bill that will help ensure that Illinois is able to effectively compete with other states who are beginning to understand the pivotal role nuclear energy can play in relieving growing energy grid reliability and resiliency pressures,” said Rezin.

“I’m here to make Illinois stay relevant, to make Illinois stay at the table, and with the moratorium in place, we aren’t even in the conversation,” said Joyce. “Reliability and affordability is something we are going to be dealing with for years to come. I want to thank Senator Rezin for this bill.”

Senate Bill 76 passed the Senate with a 39-13 bipartisan vote and now moves other to the House for further action.

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