SB 3091SPRINGFIELD – A measure led by State Senator Patrick Joyce passed the Senate Friday that would expand the Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve in Will County.

“More land for the preserve translates to more opportunity for use,” said Joyce (D-Essex). “This is a commonly visited area for residents, and expanding the borders could eventually result in longer trails and more traffic to the preserve overall.”

Senate Bill 3091 authorizes the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to transfer over 10 acres of land to the Will County Forest Preserve to expand the Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve, located in Joyce’s district.

“The transfer of these 10 acres ensures the land will be well taken care of and managed properly,” said Joyce. “This is a site that brings people and nature together, and what better way to do that than by acquiring more land mass.”

Senate Bill 3091 now heads to the House for consideration.