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CHICAGO HEIGHTS – As carjackings continue to rise across the south suburbs, State Senator Patrick Joyce (D-Essex) joined religious and community leaders at a press conference Friday to gather community input to find a solution for the escalating problem.

Joyce and other local elected officials stood with the Community Action Network, Chicago Heights Chief of Police Thomas Rogers, and clergy members from the International Pentecostal Assembly Ecumenical at the press conference to advocate for the establishment of a new alert system that will focus on carjacking safety.

“I was first approached by Chief Apostle McCoy several weeks ago, who explained that one of his bishops, Dr. Billy Drain, had an idea that could help bring an end to this growing epidemic affecting our communities,” Joyce said. 

Bishop Drain’s idea involves the creation of an early warning system like the AMBER Alert System, which he has named the DWAIN Alert System in memory of former Chicago firefighter Lieutenant Dwain Williams, who was killed during a carjacking in December of 2020. Bishop Drain hopes an alert system would encourage community members to look out for their friends and neighbors, helping law enforcement locate perpetrators and secure justice for victims. 

“I am ready to lend my full support to these efforts,” Joyce said. “If a door needs to be opened for a conversation, if a state agency needs to be more involved in youth development through activities, mentoring, or internships, I will do my best to help.”

Joyce intends to work with these advocates and continue discussing possible methods to decrease the incidence of carjackings, including a tip hotline that community members can call to help law enforcement gather information on carjackings, as well as what infrastructure it would take to establish Bishop Drain’s proposed DWAIN Alert System.